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Up to 1.5 years’ experience.



Minimum of 2 years’ experience


From 2.5 years and above experience and applies only to teachers and trainers. If you hold a trainers qualification but you have less than 2.5 years’ experience or if you have won a lash competition in the Masters category before.



One-to-one lash extension application

Maximum 0.15mm thickness



All fans should be in 2D or 3D. No mixing fans.

For 2D Volume: Maximum 0.10mm thickness

For 3D Volume :Maximum 0.07mm thickness


All fans should be the same fans, choose from 8D to 14D. No mixing fans.

For 4D-9D : Maximum 0.07mm

For 10D-14D: Maximum 0.03mm


Theme is “Freedom to choose your favorite theme”, which requires a complete creative look from lashes, make-up, accessories to clothing. Lashes can be classic or volume. There is no levels for Fantasy category.


Qualified judges whom we have chosen will meet prior to the competition such that they are able to arrive at a common ground in terms of evaluation. The judging sheet will be made available to all competitors after the winners are announced. Additionally, the judges will be available for any queries; their availability however, cannot be guaranteed given the busy schedule they may have.

By adopting the ‘blind judgment’ approach, we will ensure that none of the judges will have any sort of influence/contact with the competitors. Only the ‘EYELASH’— which will be randomized by numbers —will be laid out to the judges. To keep the judging process consistent, each judge is allotted certain aspects where they are experts at. As such, no judge can award all 10 points the competitor. This will also keep a single judge from drastically raising or lowering the competitor’s score.

The judge’s decisions are final (although they may be enquired for after the competition). All participants are urged to be well informed and clarified regarding the rules and regulations. Wrong interpretation of any rule cannot be excused.


Registration fees will not be refunded and are non-transferable.

The competition is open to students and professional of all levels.

The competition organizers reserves the right to refuse entry to any participant.

The competitors and models must be at least 18 years of age.

Each competition will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, special place from organizer and best work. The competitors will be judged on 1-5 or 1-10 scoring system.

It is mandatory for the participants to choose and arrange their own models for the event.

Food and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the competition arena.

All Eyelashes must be clearly labelled, hand-written labels are acceptable.

Participants will be provided code number on the competition arena.

All image and video captured by the members of the organizing tram are sole property of the organizer. They can be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by the organization without the need to compensate the participants.

Upon successful registration, the participants ought to receive a confirmation e-mail. Do alert the organizers at the earliest at the instance of participants not receiving the confirmation e-mail as it may imply that the registration has NOT been processed.

All contestants must have their own lamps, neck pillow, blanket (optional), couch roll (optional) and other products.

Participants can map, but eye pads should be free from adhesive. Judges will remove one point for each drop or dot of adhesive.

For Fantasy the face make up must be done at the competition venue. However, body art can be done at home. Also, hair can be done at home but its decoration with accessories must be done at the competition venue. Similarly, lash accessories can be done at home, but they must be applied during the competition. An assistant can be bought to do the hair and make-up, but lash accessories must be done by the participant.

Only the participants and their models may enter the competition arena. Any other person entering the arena must obtain permission from the organizer or organization team.

Participants will be allowed to set up their tools and products during the competition briefing. All kit boxes and bags (other than personal handbags should be placed under the chairs). They should not be left at the bed.

Each competition item will be briefed 15 minutes prior to its start.

All participants and models must be present for the briefing and remain at their desks until the competition is finished.

Once the allotted time is up, participants must immediately stop working (and stand with their model); they must leave the arena until all models remain to be judged. (Since this may consume time it is advised that participants take their personal handbags with them.) They will be allowed back in the arena as soon as possible to clear desks or prepare for removal or the next competition.

If any participant is found to be working on the model beyond the allocated, they will be disqualified by a floor judge.

It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure their model understands the judging procedure and should direct the model to visit each judge before leaving.

Models must not leave the judging arena until they’ve been judged by all judges. Any model leaving the judging arena prior to being judged will be disqualified.

Any participant not abiding by the above rules risks points being deducted from the evaluation score based on the rule that he/she has broken. For those rules with no specific point deduction, a warning will be issued followed by a 5 point deduction for a second warning and disqualification on the third infringement.

The Judges’ decisions are final. Score sheets for all competitors will be posted after the event at the address supplied at the time of booking.

At the instance of a draw, the tie will be reviewed and a winner will be announced by the judges.

Be kind to your model as it will turn out to be a long day for them. Please make sure they take a bathroom break before the competition. Keep your model fed and well hydrated throughout the competition day.

The Lash competition organizers will provide all participants with a bed, chair, trolley. Participants must bring their own tools and products including disposable paper bed roll, pillow, lamp and blanket.

All participants should arrive promptly at the designated timings and should strive to be well aligned to the schedule.

Participants and their models will have to check-in and collect their badges to be allowed onto the competition area.

Participants will be given 15 minutes to prepare, clean their client’s lashes and apply eye pads.

The participants are not allowed to start eyelash extensions application before the announcement.

The participants must follow ALL the rules and regulations. No phones allowed and changing eye parches are not allowed prior to the judging time.

Before the start of the competition, floor judges must check the model’s eyes for any sign of redness, infection, or applied extensions.

The participants must wear appropriate professional uniform and hair should be tied back during the competition.

At the time of the announcement at the end of the competition, all participants are expected to stop their process, lay their tools down, clean their work-space and leave the competition arena at the earliest. The patches should be with the model (the participant ought to remove the eye patches and place in on the model’s hand, the floor judges will check the eye patch for cleanliness).

Models are not allowed to leave the competition area until their lashes have been judged by judges. After judging, they will need to stay in the competition area for a photo-shoot.

All participants across all divisions MUST be insured and spot checks will be made.

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