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Kim Lien

✅Founder and CEO of Mesmerizing Lashes in USA

✅Owner “Mesmerizing Lashes”Lash Products, Hair Products, PMU products, Lash Studio.

✅Has own Lash factory, biggest lashes supplier in the world with highest quality.

✅Instructor for Korean Beauty School in USA.

✅Lash trainer for more than thousand students in USA, Korea & Mexico.

✅Author of techniques for Eyelash extensions “Mesmerizing technique””Speedy Completion Technique”

✅Has 10 years working experience in Lash Extensions

✅Been Judge for many International Lash Competitions in Canada, Austria, Germany, Italia, spain,England…

✅Organizer of “International Lash Competition in USA” the biggest eyelash extensions championship in the world.

Sato Keiko
*2000: Involved in techniques for eyelash extension
*2007: Certified as Instructor by the Japan Lash Association
*2008: Appointed member of the board of the Japan Lash Association (JLA) with change of the company name
*2009: Appointed Senior Managing Director of the general incorporated association Japan Lash Association (JLA) *2016: Appointed Representative Director of the general incorporated association Japan Eyelash Extension Certificate Authority (JECA) (name changed from JLA)
* Appointed Vice President and Representative Director of Grease Co., Ltd.
– Salon brand names: Forall
– Academy name: GIBA (Grease International Beauty Academy)
* Appointed President and Representative Director on the establishment of Eye Balance Co., Ltd.
– Product brand names: EYE BALANCE PROFESSIONAL / RAVEN / Grease / BELLISS
* Appointed Instructor for the Japan Center for Hairdressing and Beauty Education’s training seminar for instructors of Eyelash Extension
* Appointed seminar instructor for licensing instructors for hairdresser and beautician training facilities
* Lectures as seminar instructor for licensing instructors for hairdresser and beautician training facilities in the Kanto, Tokai and Kyushu regions
* Appointed nationwide instructor for the training of instructors for eyelash extension by the All Japan Beauty Shop Owners’ Association
* Serves as lecturer in sessions for training of instructors in eyelash extension in the Hokkaido and Tohoku block, the Tokai and Hokushinetsu block and the Osaka and Kinki block
* Appointed instructor for the ABC School, accredited vocational training school of the Aichi Beauty Shop Owners’ Union
* 2015 – 2017: Served as juror for the Eyelash Extension category of the Aichi Beautician Skills Contest
* 2011 – : Served as juror for the Eyelash Extension category of the Beautician Skills Contest sponsored by the government of the Republic of Korea
* 2013 – 2014: Served as juror for the International Human Beauty & Health Olympic
* 2013 – 2017: Served as juror for the INTERNATIONAL BODY ART CONTEST
* 2016: Served as juror for the Republic of Korea’s WORLD LASH
* All Japan Esthetic Association certified esthetician
* Certified Spa Therapist of the International Spa Therapist Association
* Served as Instructor for the Bali Spa Therapist Association certified by the government of Bali
* Participates in production of the textbook “Eyelash Extension” published by the Japan Center for Hairdressing and Beauty Education

* Involved in the development of eyelash chair, riche-riche wagon for TAKARA BELMONT Japan
* Appearance on NHK Asaichi television program
* Appearances on Nihon Television programs Sukkiri, News Zero
* Appearance on Fuji Television program Mezamashi Saturday
* Appearance on Tokai Radio

Mariko Rottie
-Founder and director of MARICO Salon and marie rush-lash, one of the biggest leading eyelash extensions suppliers in Asia since 2006
-MARICO Salon locates in Japan, Taiwan and USA
-marie rush-lash (Eyelash Extensions Supplier) locates in Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand and USA
-Winning 1st Place Top Selling E-commerce in Beauty Category in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
-Japanese Cosmotology Licence
-Classic Lash, Volume Lash, Lash Lift, Brow Extensions, Butterfly Threading, Nail Technician
-Board of Japan Lash Association
-Certified Teacher and Judge of Japan Lash Association
-Director of Japan VolumeLash Society (International Div.)
-International Lash Contest Judge
-Organizer of Japan VolumeLash Society
-Organiser of Lash Contest with Fashion Models in Japan
-Japanese Celebrity Lash Artist
-Taught over 1,000 students in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, USA, UK, Australia and Portugal
-NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
-Japan Diet Health Association Instructor
-Organic Japanese Restaurant Owner



Certificated Lash Artist

Lashstyle Academy founder and owner

Distributor of Glamour Lashes

Lashstyle education leadership and developer of an unique lern program

International master trainer

International joury

International Speaker

Organisator (The first International Championship in Austria www.lashagora.com)

Founder and owner of WomenStyle Salon

Sponsors of Conferences and events industry

Multiple winner

International Meister in Prague 2016 – 1. Place

Lash Pro Contest 2016 Expert Category

Lashstylist Magazin – Lash Love – 1. Place

Les Victoires du Regard World Championship – 6. Place

Lash Lowers Award – 2. Place

Lash Me – Special Award

Lash Harmony – Best luxury Volume


  • Christine Petrun, Founder and Owner of Eyeland Lash based in San Clemente, California known for their International Award-Winning Products, Services and Trainings
  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing
  • Licensed Aesthetician in California
  • She brings over 8 years of Eyelash Extension experience
  • Official Judge at the Lash Crown Championship, Hawaii (an International Eyelash Extension Competition)
  • NALA Certified Lash Educator

Marina Larskaya
– Business woman with more than 10 years of experience
– 6 years in eyelash extension industry
– CEO, co-founder of the high quality product line RUSSIAN QUEEN LASHES
– Executive manager of the International branch of Russian Queen
Lash&Eyebrow Academy
– Creator of ombre & makeup techniques in lash extension
– Co-author of multistage training programs of lash extension for
beginners and masters
– The speaker at the several lash&brow conferences including lash&brow
conference League of lash masters (Prague, Czech Republic, 2015, 2016
and 2017), The first Lithuanian Lash&Eyebrow conference (Vilnius,
Lithuania, 2016), LashMaster Legends (Rome, Italy, 2017)
– International judge at lash&brow competitions worldwide, including
the biggest national Lithuanian lash competition Pelene2016 (Vilnius,
Lithuania, 2016), Luscious Lashes International Online Eyelash Contest
(Cape Town, South Africa, 2016), The first Spanich championship
(Madrid, Spain, 2017), Olimpiade Extension Ciglia (Rome, Italy, 2017)
– “Business-duet” of the Year Award winner together with Polina
Glebanova at LASH BEAUTY AWARDS (Moscow, Russia, 2014)
– Were published several times in lash magazines: LASHLETTER
(Germany), CilMag (France)


Set Moosavi
Founder of the Dutch brand Perfect Eyelash. Set Moosavi started as a Lash Stylist in 2012 and it became clear that Set Moosavi was one of the best in this industry in The Netherlands. And now 5 years later, Perfect Eyelash has 15 Academy’s and trained more than 3000 lash technicians in The Netherlands & Belgium.
Perfect Eyelash has 7 own studio’s, a succesfull worldwide online shop and the brand is going International. Why? Because Perfect Eyelash is innovative with launching products in our business that nobody has done before.
Set Moosavi is an international judge, she and her team are multiple prize winners and won more than 25 award last year. Perfect Eyelash organised each year a Perfect Eyelash Experience Event to get the Lash Stylist together and bring our industry to a higher level with workshops. Perfect Eyelash also attending to many internationale beauty fairs.
With 30 colleagues Perfect Eyelash is still growing each day!

Đặng Hoa Lý
• International trainer, judge and coach of eyelash extensions
• Technologist and innovator of eyelash extensions techniques
• 2009, founded one of the first beauty salon in Taiwan – ORA NAIL + EYELASH ®.
Currently, there are five operating branches in Taiwan and Vietnam
• Founder and director of HOALYS EYELASH training Academy in VIETNAM and TAIWAN with 60 trainers
• Trained over 1200 student and 80 Masters
• Organiser of THE BEST LASH COMPETITION 2016 – first Vietnam eyelash extensions championship
• Organiser of THE BEST LASH COMPETITION 2017 – in TAIWAN eyelash extensions championship
•Judge of International competition for the Asian Cup (Taipei, Taiwan, 2015)
•Judge of TINA Lash Championship (New Taipei, Taiwan, 2016)
•Judge of HongKong’s First Asian Cupeyelashes Championship (HongKong, 2017)
•Judge of INCA World Lash Championship (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ,2017)
•Judge of LashArt Championship ( Singapore ,2017)

Founder of Lash School “VSV’ in Russia and in Spain

– International Judge, Speaker of conferences.

– Winner of international lash competitions

– International Lash trainer

– Author of training programm “Russian Volume 2-5D”

– Author of training programm “Lamination Lashes + Botox Lashes”

– Organizer of International Lash&Brow Competition “Universe Lash&Brow Championship” in Russia and in Germany.



🔹Director and founder of BeautyLounge Sthlm.

🔹One of Sweden’s highest rated and prestigious celebrity salon

🔹International lash artist /  trainer / judge

🔹London Lash Pro trainer

🔹Multiple Winner of international lash competitions

🔹Lash artist of the eyar 2017, Sweden

🔹Awarded Best volumelash artist of the year 2017,   Sweden

🔹Awarded Best Classiclash artist of the year 2017, Sweden

🔹Winner of Victories du Regard 2017 World Championship “like my lash”

🔹Has been trained by the world´s best trainers

🔹Participant of different international Conferences

Tatyana Bilolovets
• Vivienne company technician and head trainer at the Lash Art University (Kiev, Ukraine)
• Internationally recognized trainer and examiner, according to the VTCT standards of QCF qualification in eyelash extension, eyelash perming and LVL treatment
• Lash Coat certified instructor
• Speaker at the II, IV and VI Lash Boom World international conferences
• Speaker at the International Lash & Brow Expert Conference
• Speaker at the conference for eye design stylists in Hungary (Budapest)
• Speaker at the beauty artists forum in Paris
• Author of Lashmaker magazine images and articles
• Judge at the Ukrainian and international championships
• Seminars in RSA, England, Russia, France, Spain, Poland, USA, Germany, Romania, Lithuania
• Head trainer at the Lash Art University (Kiev, Ukraine), and Vivienne company technician
• Author of training programs and original techniques of forming volume fans and creating an effect of uneven upper line of eyelash extensions
• Tatyana has taught more than 2,000 students, who are now working in 50 countries of the world:
– Every 2nd graduate is a highly-paid artist;
– Every 5th graduate is opening a beauty studio;
– Every 20th graduate is becoming a trainer.

CEO and founder Baltic beauty school

CEO and co- founder I.E.S.A. – international trainer

Lash Inc approved certified trainer and examinator

Author of the unique program “express volume per 1 hour”

Speaker in multiple international conferences

Judge in multiple international competitions

Organizer of the first international Lash Conference in Lithuania;

Co- organizer of the first international conference in Sweden

Monika is a multiple master in eyelash extension and lashtrainer.

Many times she was on the podium in Warsaw, Italy, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia or Croatia.
One of the more popular eyelash stylists in Poland.
The founder and owner of the exclusivelashes brand, the professional products for eyelash extension.

International Judge, the judge international Lash competition in Usa 2018, the first biggest lash competition.

Marta Wiatr

* Star Lash Academy Trainers and Lash Master in U.K.

*Lash Safety training educator approved by the American Eyelash Association

*Experienced Lash artist that has been trained by best world lash trainers

*Salon owner based in Norfolk, UK

*Director and founder of Glam Lashes by Marta

*Participant of different international conferences

*Multiple Winning Lash Artist and have been titles as Lash Competition Master in 2016

*Organiser of Worldwide Online Lash Art 2016 competition

*Organiser of Worldwide Oscars 2017 Online Lash Competition

*accredited judge in Ukraine

  • judge at Czech online Lash competition
  • Judge at “Lash Challenge” Zagreb, Croatia
  • Speaker at Lash Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Judge at Lash Competition in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Judge at NM Lash Competition in Oslo, Norway
  • Judge at LashPro Contest 2017 in Slovenia
  • Judge at Lashdrive Lash & Brow Online Competition, Germany
  • Judge at Global Congress and Championship, Moldova
  • Speaker at Global Congress and Championship, Moldova
  • Judge at Lash Agora Online Championship, Austria
  • Judge at Lash Me! Online Competition, Poland
  • Judge at Lash Art online Cilmag event, France
  • Judge at LAI Frame to Fame Competition, Arizona US
  • International judge and speaker at the biggest international brow and Lash conferences

Founder and head of the Lizetta Beauty Studio

-The leader and the leading trainer-teacher of the training center Lizetta

– The owner of the brand Lizetta (professional tweezers for eyelash extension)

– The absolute champion among judges all over the world, took 1st place – The Best Work by Judges Around The Globe 2016. / Best work by judges around the world in 2016

– Multiple champion and prize-winner in the highest categories in all technical nominations in international contests for eyelash extensions and biochemical curling of eyelashes 2013, 2014, 2015.

– Entered the Top 100 of the most successful and famous people of the Lash & brow industry 2016, 2017 (glossy project)

– International coach (England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Vietnam and others)

– Member of the judging boards of European, International and All-Russian competitions. (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Slovenia, Estonia, Portugal, Vietnam, etc.)

– The author of a unique technique for creating an impeccable royal voluminous eyelash extension

– The creator of patented flawless schemes in the modeling of eyelashes, which have no analogues throughout the world.

-Create a unique program that allows masters to win any of the world’s competitions: “The formula for success is winning at contests”

– Author of the technique of biochemical curling of eyelashes “Biochemical curling of eyelashes. Biofixation of eyebrows »

– Speaker of European, International congresses, conferences and forums (Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Spain, Moldova, Ireland, Kazakhstan, etc.)

– The winner of the international award “Crystal eyelash” in the nominations: “The best educational project” and “The best studio for eyelash extension”

-Practical master for eyelash extension, lamination and biochemical curling of eyelashes, eyebrow shaping


Owner of “School-Studio of eyelash extensions” ANGELASH “”Khmelnitsky, Ukraine;

– Teacher, technologist and a leading expert on Eyelash;

– Author of unique techniques and compiler of its own training programs for Eyelash “AngeLash Volume”, AngeLash Classic; ”

–  Author of unique technique of forming  fan “Excellent Pinch”;

– The Owner of the brand AngeLash (professional tweezers for eyelash extensions);

– Judge of  Numerous national and international championships Eyelash;

– Judge of Olimpiadi Extension Ciglia, Roma, Italy;

– Judge of Championship “ELashOn”, Moscow, Russia;

– Judge of international championship Universe Lash&Brow Championship, Krasnodar, Russia;

-Judge of International championships by Panovu, Sumu, Ukraine;

– Judge of International championship  “Lash & Brow Ring”, Zaporozhye, Ukraine;

– Judge of Final championship of Ukraine  “League medalist”, Kiev, 2016:

– Judge of III Open Championship of Ukraine on the Eyelash “Provincial Autumn 2016″, Chernigov, Ukraine;

– Judge of Open Championship of Ukraine ” Kvitka na kameny” ,2016, Kamenets-Podolsky, Ukraine;

– Judge of Open Championship of Ukraine  “Harmony of beauty” Khmelnitsky, 2016 , Ukraine;

–  Judge trainee of International Championship  Eyelash & Eyebrow Meet, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2016 .;

– Etc.

– Are winners of numerous national and international championships of eyelash extension;

– Work experience in sphere of eyelash extensions more than 4,5 years

Joy Crossingham, owner of Brisbane Lashes, Lash Dolls Boutique and LashJoy Supplies,

She is an internationally awarded Lash Stylist and Trainer with nearly a decade of experience. Regarded by many as a true pioneer of the Australian Eyelash Extension Industry,

Joy has in the past two years alone facilitated more than 100 Eyelash Extension training workshops across Australia and Japan.

Joy’s passion for teaching others developed from the initial lack of comprehensive training that was available in Australia. It is Joy’s aim to set new benchmarks within the industry whilst continuing to provide aspiring Lash Stylists with a genuine opportunity to learn the art of eyelash extension application to the highest standards, at a safe and realistic pace.

Founder and Director of the School of eyelash extensions “Leila” in R.Moldova

– Brand owner ” Leila Lashes ”  ( professional lashes for eyelash extensions )

– Master eyelash extensions with 5 years of experience continue

– Lash – trainer with 3 years experience

– Winner first place in the online  competition “Russian volume “, Moscow 2016

– The author of training programs for masters in eyelash extensions

– The author’s unique technology creating a flawless fan “5-15D ”

– International trainer

– International judge

– International speaker

Master Trainer @ AMA LASHES ACADEMY,  the first and only Romanian Internationally Accredited Academy, with more than 100 trained students from all over Europe.

– She has trained some of the award winners in international eyelash extension competitions.

– International trainer, speaker and judge.

– Founder and CEO of the first Romanian luxury lash brand AMA Lashes

– Owner of AMA LASHES STUDIO the first and only studio in Constanta dedicated only to lash extensions.

– Organizer of International Master classes and Romanian First Lash Masters Conference.

– Her training program has been adjusted in three international languages: Romanian, Serbian and English.


– First and only Expert Lasher Member.

– Her work and article has been published several times in well known lash magazines and top rated blogs.

Judge to International Competition.

– Speaker to International Conferences .

– Author of her unique training program for volume.

– Author of the unique train the trainer and personal development program.

International Trainer, speaker at conferences. Jess is graduated biomedicine, but during her studies she discovered lash extensions and she fell in love with it! She decided then to build her career in beauty industry which had been always close to her heart! One year ago she founded her own brand which operates in Great Britain, Italy, but mostly in Brazil where the lash extension market is growing. Jessica’s hobbies are also marketing and digital media which is very useful at this kind of business!

In beauty industry from 2009.Lash artist, Judge, International educator. Patrycja was all ready teaching in Scotland, Mexico and Spain. Based Suffolk United Kingdom. Founder  and owner of online shop with own brand products for lash artist Venus Beauty-lashes (www.venusbeauty-lashes.com)

Trained by loads of famous international trainers and judges from all of the world. Host of international trainers in United Kingdom
⭐️Attendant to lash conferences and participant in International Championships:

🏆 2nd place on podium 2-3D Russian volume MASTER category in Cracow June 2016 INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CRACOW

🏆3rd place on podium 10-15D Mega Volume MASTER category in Cracow June 2016 INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CRACOW
🏆1st place on podium 2D Russian Volume EXPERT category August 2016 LASH BATTLE
🏆3rd place on podium 4D plus EXPERT category Russian Volume at Cilmag in Paris September 2016

Darja Striletskaja

* Multiple winner of international lash and brow competitions in master, professional and expert categories
* Lash artist of the year 2016, Bergamo, Italy
* “Queen of lashes”, Lash Pro Contest, Slovenia
* The leading trainer at London Lash Pro
* Speaker of different international lash and brow conferences
* International judge
* Experienced master lash artist since 2011, has been trained by the World’s best trainers
* Participant of different international conferences
* Has been recognised as one of the top lash artists according to London Lash Pro
* Owner of “Lash and Brow Secrets by Darja Striletskaja” in London

Kimberley’s lash journey began in the beginning of 2009. Struggling to find feet in a world of corporate and had just experienced her own lash disaster. Inspired by her own experience Kimberley applied for a position at a local lash salon, the first of its kind in Melbourne, Australia.

Her natural talent soon became a unwavering passion driving her to perfect her application, it was not long before she had a sort after lash business of her own. To this day Kimberley is dedicated to protecting the client and therapist spending her time researching ways to elevate the eyelash industry.

A Master Trainer for Elleebana teaching Classic Eyelash Extension application and One Shot Lash Lifting she is living her passion. In December 2015 Kimberley won The Eyelash Emporium World Individual Lash Master and has since been an international judge and has had her Classic/Creative applications published in several magazines. In resent times Kimberley was awarded Australia’s Perfect Mentor at Lash Gala in Sydney in 2016.

Growing her unwavering passion into an internationally recognised conference Lash Vision in 2016. In 2017 Kimberley will host three Lash Vision Conferences in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea continuing to spread the message of a united, inspired and educated industry to all corners of the globe.

Stephanie Beck and Tamara Mastenbroek
• Both lashstylist and owner of a salon for many years in Amsterdam. Followed a lot of different training with different lash masters.
• They also are Lash trainers in extensions and Lashlift
•Founders and Owners of Lashstylist Magazine

• Their goal is to bring the information from all over the world together in the magazine.
• Like new techniques new products and bussiness tips.
• They also have Lashstylist College where we provide training in social media and safety & hygiene
• And they have Lashstylist Supplies where they sell Lash Gadgets

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